Who We Are:

Women journalists are underrepresented on Wikipedia, one of the most-visited English language websites in the world. This leads to issues related to safety, credibility, and recognition and income. Women Do News is dedicated to elevating the voices and profiles of women journalists online.  We are made up of a working board, all volunteer, and one project manager who helps keep us moving forward.

Angilee Shah

Board chair & Edit-a-thons lead

Ariam Alula

Project manager

Molly Stark Dean

Nominations lead

Emily Gertz

Technical adviser

Jareen Imam

Events & communications

Chloe Lee Rowlands

Website & design

Andrew Lih


Katherine Rowlands

Finances and fundraising

Jeanette Woods

Events & communications

Leezel Tanglao

P. Kim Bui

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Women Do News is in the news…

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Andrew Lih created this quick visualization of allS the women in Wikidata that are flagged as being part of WikiProject Women Do News, showing their occupation, schooling and employer to see if there were some patterns. Some interesting things come up, and also give us a map for how to fill in some of the…

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Listen: Women Do News

“It’s All About News: the brocoli of media-focused podcasts” recently featured Women Do News. Listen to learn about how more could be done to help ensure that women claim their rightful place on Wikipedia. Angilee Shah and Jareen Imam, two of the founders of the campaign, talk with host Michael O’Connell.

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Read: Women Do News

Angilee Shah, one of the founders of Women Do News, recently wrote a blog post about our Wikipedia effort for “The Cohort,” Poynter’s newsletter for women in media. Read about how on one of the most visited websites in the world — arguably the most visited site that is not a search engine, social media…

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