Partnering with Women Do News helps students understand Wikipedia’s gender gap and empowers them to help improve the situation, through the lens of the journalism industry. We’ve found that students are not only excited about editing Wikipedia, but bring interesting and creative opinions, perspectives, and insights to the Wiki process. Through assignments that put their work on the web, they can be empowered to see their work as genuinely impactful – which it is!

Editing on Wikipedia can be daunting for educators, but there are an enormous number of online resources available to you, and we’re here to help you navigate them.

We are always available to answer questions at womendonews [@] @gmail [dot] .com, and you can browse our compiled resources for the classroom below.

Still have questions? Women Do News is always excited to hear from you! Email us at womendonews [at] @gmail [dot] .com with questions and concerns and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Here’s a sample Women Do News assignment description for college classroom settings

Ready to get your students writing and editing Wikipedia biographies for women journalists? Click here to access our basic college class assignment.

Wikipedia’s hub for educators

Are you an educator interested in using Wikipedia as a teaching tool? There are tons of resources available to you, both through Women Do News and Wikipedia itself! Click here for Wikipedia’s hub for educators interested in using Wikipedia in the classroom. Check it out for tips, tutorials and case studies illustrating how other instructors are using Wikipedia editing in their classrooms. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of printable tip sheets. 

Access interactive tutorials to help create assignments

Wiki Education offers interactive tutorials for both instructors and students. Explore their site for help creating lesson plans and assignments around Wikipedia editing!

Find your college campus’ resident Wikipedian

Your campus library likely has at least one Wikipedian on staff. Invite that person to visit your class! Often, the easiest way to find that person is through your school’s library. Like all librarians, Wikimedia experts are often waiting for an opportunity to engage, so feel free to reach out with them. Your learning management system (Canvas, Moodle, etc.) may also have Wikipedia-centric modules in its shared library.